Resume Tips


Scene Group offers this general guide on resume rules and tips aimed to enhance your resume writing skills. Resumes are not meant to tell your life story, or list every detail of each and every position throughout your career. It is a 2-4 page document highlighting key areas of your skills and experience and should be tailored to each position in which you apply. Your ultimate aim is to create enough interest for your prospective employer to call you and further discuss your suitability.



Content Guidelines

Your resume should highlight who you are, what experiences you have including achievements and awards, positions held and in what timeframes, responsibilities and tasks undertaken, your education, technical experience, training, volunteer work and interests.  It is also important to note:

  • You should keep your resume relevant, succinct and easy to read
  • Keep it honest and contained, exaggerated or false information will catch up with you
  • Identify key words listed in the advertisement or position description and address these with your experience where appropriate
  • Be mindful of how powerful correct language can be; using words like ‘designed’ and ‘analysed’, rather than ‘worked on’…etc.
  • Avoid repetition and make every position unique in what you experienced
  • Use short paragraphs and bullet points avoiding lengthy reading material as you are likely to lose interest from the reader very quickly
  • Ensure you have correct grammar, use your spell check and proof read carefully

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