The Entire Scene on Interviews for Hiring Managers – Coaching, templates and eBook


All too often, interviews are poorly run; the right questions are not asked and interviewers can be quite uncertain as to what it is they are actually seeking within a candidate, which can lead to making the wrong hiring decision. The Scene Group are so passionate about businesses taking the right approach to recruitment; we understand all too well it is a lengthy and draining process and without the right knowledge or tools your end result could cost your business way more than you anticipated.


This coaching package is produced to assist hiring managers with their own recruitment process. Getting the right person is critical. Pouring energy into writing an advertisement and watching your inbox fill up very quickly with a mass of candidates is the easy part, what comes next are critical steps that can make or break your hiring success.

Our Interview Coaching Package aims to give you confidence knowing you have the right information and tools ensuring more successful hires every time.  We will sit with you and understand your business first. We will then assist to improve on your current process and provide you with effective and efficient tools you can use every time you hire.