The Entire Scene On Ad Writing


Firstly, it’s your time to shine! What a great way to ‘brand’ your company, add your logo, list your company values and culture. It’s important to remember you need to sell your job and company so make the most of it! However, be mindful that jobseekers can become wary of an advertisement if it looks too good to be true so keep it real.



Make sure your ads are easy to understand and are clearly read. You don’t have to overcomplicate it or write absolutely everything that’s listed in your position description; if there’s too much to read job seekers are likely to skip most of it and apply even if they are not suited or simply not even apply at all.

When writing your advertisement, you should include as much relevant information as you can and always remember to include ‘what’s in it for me, and what’s in it for you’. It is a two way street, you want the best applicant, the job seeker wants the best job… if you write for both of your wants, your ads will always be more desirable, relevant and successful.