Outsourced RPO & Resource Augmentation


The Scene Group are a collective of Recruitment and Human Resource Specialists.  Our services range from being Outsourced HR & Recruitment service providers or project based Consultants for all your HR & Recruitment needs.


  • Build and Develop HR & Recruitment policies, strategies, resources and departments
  • Partner with you as your Outsourced Human Resource & Recruitment Consultants
  • Develop and Manage your Payroll needs (Australia only)


Why Outsource?

Outsourcing solves internal resourcing constraints whilst providing up to date industry solutions, expert talent pooling, process improvement, risk analysis and problem solving. Businesses of all sizes should consider the benefits of independent analysis for reduced risk and greater cost savings.

Whether you handle internally or not, Human Resources are critical for all businesses particularly in keeping industry information up to date and current with payroll and legal obligations to ensure staff satisfaction and company protection. More often than ever, companies are reaching out for outsourced solutions as the cost to do so far out-ways any potential litigations, liability and can even be a more secure way than continuous training of internal staff members who may just leave anyway.

What do you get?

When you outsource HR functions, some service providers go with the “all-or-nothing” approach, requiring that they handle all your HR functions or none at all. Others offer their services “a la carte,” meaning you can pick and choose from the services they offer.

The Scene Group offers a broad range of services for you to select from enabling us to best meet the needs of your business.