Geelong Industry Soul Profiling


Dear Geelong Business Guru,

If you want spectacular growth, to stand out from your competitors and protect yourself from risk in the fastest possible time then this is the most important letter you will ever read.

Here’s why

My name is Amey Robertson. And over the past decade I have helped businesses throughout Australia and globally drive more sales, streamline their organisations and protect themselves from risk.

I’ve worked with major organisations including Goldman Sachs JB Weir, Deloitte, Accenture, The Port Phillip Authority, George Weston Foods and many, many more.

I’ve helped these organisations, and over 100 others big and small hire better staff, protect themselves with quality and health and safety systems, and massively improve productivity and profit through strategic training and skills gap elimination.



The good news is I’ve created a way of quickly identifing where the gaps are and where the biggest gains can be made. The best news is I’m inviting you to run through this process entirely free.

It’s called the “Business Soul Check”. That’s because there are 5 key areas which are the ‘soul’ of your business which drive profitability and protect you from risk.

They are:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Workplace Health & Safety

How does the Business Soul Check work?

The Business Soul Check is a 60 minute one on one session with you, and any other stakeholders.

During this time we go into all the areas I just mentioned to find opportunities for you to grow, protect yourself legally and defend yourself from competition and your industry’s conditions.

Following the session I will personally prepare a written Business Soul Profile which shows you:

  • Gaps and risks that expose you to risk and must be closed immediately
  • Gaps and risks that can be closed over time to improve profitability and further protect you
  • Opportunities to improve drastically improve profitability and efficiency
  • And an action plan to make the changes happen

If you, like me have seen the types of plans most consultants produce you’d know that their major flaw is that they’re almost impossible to understand, let alone implement.

This plan is simple to understand, practical and designed so you can implement it with the resources you currently have.

That’s why your Business Soul Profile is different.

For a start it’s simple to understand. There’s no jargon and no ‘buzzwords’ anywhere. And this means you can give it to your senior management team and get their support.

Also, it’s practical, meaning everything in it can be implemented by your organisation. Because as you and I both know, a plan which can’t be actioned is as useful as a chocolate tea-pot.

And the last thing you need is yet another plan which sits on the shelf gathering dust because the author completely ignored your organisation’s ability to implement. Am I right?

“If the Business Soul Profile is so great, why are you giving it to me for free?”

There are actually two reasons I’m giving you your Business Soul Profile for free.

First, this is only available to Geelong businesses. And I’m passionate about this town. I was born and bred here before moving away to pursue my career. But 2 years ago I was drawn back home by my love for this town and the people here.

Quite simply, I want to help Geelong get going again. The potential locked away in our city is enormous, but frankly there is little actual support to help businesses survive and thrive here.

I believe in our city, and I want to give back to Geelong industry and help be a part of it’s success.

Second, when I deliver your Profile to you, you have two choices.

  • You can do it on your own.

You’ll have a simple to follow action plan that will work incredibly well.  So yes, of course you can implement it yourself.

And that’s the point of the profile – to give your organisation clarity on what needs to be done, in what order and how to do it.

And if that’s the case then I wish you the best of luck. I can assure you it’s worth the time and effort.

  • Your other choice is to get my team and I to support you.

If you want extra support making changes faster, then you can join my Private Client Program.

This program is all about supporting you while you get started, making sure you’re on the right track and XYZ.

The fee for this 6 week program is only $2,997 which is less than some consultants charge for a single day!

It includes training, resources and weekly one on one coaching with me personally.

Because with my personal support together we can enhance, improve or re-launch your business.

At the end of 6 weeks you will be making more profit, your brand awareness will be boosted and you’ll have a happier and more engaged team of staff working with you to help implement your vision.

How will you feel in 12 months time when your biggest business challenges have been solved, your profits have soared and you’re no longer panicking about being hauled over the coals from regulatory bodies?

It’ll probably be a pleasure going in every day. You’ll be energised, your stress will have disappeared and you’ll have a clear vision for an even greater future.

I know this is the case because I’ve done it for businesses big and small right across the country and the world.

And because I’ve created a simple to follow system to making it happen I’m absolutely confident that I can help you achieve this for your business.

In fact, I’m so confident that your business will be transformed in just 8 weeks that if you’re not absolutely thrilled with the changes you make I will give you back every last dollar you spent with me.

The last thing I want is unhappy clients, so in the unlikely event you’re not absolutely energised and your business is not transformed as I promise it will be then I don’t want your money.

This way I’m the one taking all the risk. You have nothing to lose.

This is NOT a sales pitch in disguise

The thought of using 60 minutes of your valuable time to sell you  something does NOT interest me.

My priority is to give you high value advice first, before ever inviting you to work with me.

Because I know there’s no way you’d want to work with me if I gave you anything less than 100%.

After I’ve given you the report, I’ll politely ask if you’re interested in working with me further, and if you are then we’ll talk further. And if you’re not, no problem.

Besides if I didn’t offer you massive value in our 60 minutes together and in the report I send you then there’s no way you’d consider working with me. And that’s exactly how I like it!

I only want people working with me because they see me as generous with my time, an absolute expert at what I do and someone who can be trusted with her word.

I am only offering my ‘Business Soul Check’ to a small number of businesses.


Because, much like you my time is limited. And I need to prioritise my time and resources carefully. This is why I am only offering this to a small number of businesses I believe are fiercely determined to grow their Geelong businesses in the next 6 months.

I will ultimately be creating a new arm of my business which will offer this service for a much higher price, and I want to use your business to “declare to the world” exactly how powerful my strategies are.

This means you can get in on the ground floor for a price which is far less than it will be after the pilot program.

So ask around, and you’ll find that not many businesses have been sent this letter. And the ones that have it have a very similar passion and drive that you possess.

Here’s my strict criteria of who I will work with:

As I said, I won’t work with most businesses. Here is the criteria of businesses I WILL work with:

  • You must have a burning, unstoppable passion to ‘smash it out of the park’ in the next few months.
  • You are open to change whatever needs to change. And if it means putting you out of your comfort zone then you must be ready to embrace this.
  • You must be 100% committed to doing whatever it takes. Because while most business owners go with the flow, I only want to work with people who are on the edge. People understand that a thriving, successful business is the result of massive action and change.

That’s it!

Here’s what I want you to do next

If this sounds like you, and you’d like my help transforming your business then the first step is to simply email me with your phone number at

I’ll call you within 24 hours and we’ll set up a time to have a 15 minute chat about what the Business Soul Check involves and the results you can expect.

Here’s what happens after that.

We’ll get together for 60 minutes and work through the process. During our time together I’m going to profile exactly where you’re at now, where you’re going and get clear on what needs to happen to cross the gap.

I’ll be doing most of the “heavy lifting” for you by asking you “unconscious discovery” questions which will uncover the answers you need to move your business forward. Answers which will help you master your current challenges and build a business based on your passion which equates to more profit and satisfaction.

Then I will personally prepare a written Business Soul Profile which shows you:

  • Gaps and risks that expose you to risk and must be closed immediately
  • Gaps and risks that can be closed over time to improve profitability and further protect you
  • Opportunities to improve drastically improve profitability and efficiency
  • And an action plan to make the changes happen

And as I said, should you wish to work with me further then that’s great. Otherwise,  no problem.

This is completely FREE so you can’t lose.

Warning – Time is a factor

As I mentioned, my time is limited, so I can’t take on any more than two of these per week. And since I will be launching this service at a much higher price during 201after the pilot launch,  you may miss the opportunity to get access now at a greatly reduced price.

That’s why if you think this is what your business needs, contact me at immediately and we’ll talk about what it involves.

No commitment, no pressure. It’s just a quick chat so you can understand whether or not it’s right for you.