Choosing the Scene Group as your Outplacement Specialists

It is always a challenging time when downsizing or restructuring staff within your business, not just on managing the process and its effects on personnel, you also need to be aware of such considerations as legal risk and corporate reputation. These can adversely impact on your organisation when redundancy programs are not considered and carried out correctly. Scene Group designs its programs with these considerations in mind aiming to mitigate the risks and maintain your reputation. In doing so, you will be more likely to succeed in maintaining morale and positive awareness not just with those leaving but also with the remaining employees. We pride ourselves on high integrity, strong communication, compassion, empowerment and positive outcomes.

When dealing with Outplacement some important factors that differentiate us from our peers include:

  • Strong Engagement – Prompt one on one care
  • Consultation – Personal, compassionate onsite guidance and training
  • Accountability – focusing on achieving successful outcomes through providing feedback and results to the client
  • Performance Metrics – providing specific data and success measurements
  • More Choices – Flexible models can be tailored


Our approach to outplacement

We aim to:

For the Employee 

  • Give support, confidence and provide direction to remove some burden and cope with career transition.
  • Guide employees to understand how to manage retrenchment, reducing stress, angst and disappointment.
  • Instilling confidence and empowerment for peace of mind and commitment to a positive future
  • Aim to reduce emotional confusion
  • Expert coaching and guidance
  • Provide the right insights and tools to manage their own career transition
  • Outplacement Support Material
  • One on One career guidance- leading to faster market re-entry and a greater probability of the right career opportunity
  • Coaching, emotional and post program support.

For the Employer

  • Manage organisational change
  • Manage the termination
  • Manage team morale ensuring existing staff remain focused and engaged
  • Manage company image and minimize exposure to litigation
  • Tailor solutions for greater flexibility and choices for you and your transitioning employees
  • Provision of statistics and results post outplacement

Please contact Scene Group to conduct an Outplacement needs assessment tailored to your needs