Recruitment & Staff Attraction

Recruitment constantly evolves and no longer should we be looking at retaining staff for they are not ours to own. Instead we should change our focus to staff attraction and seriously start to build our company branding so we can be seen as employers of choice naturally enforcing employee attraction.

At Scene Group we strongly believe the change begins during recruitment. Start looking at what your aspirations are internally as that will lead to more focused and successful recruitment campaigns. To help you with this, we have developed a coaching program including one on one consulting, eBooks, tools and templates aimed at hiring managers to increase their recruitment skills from advertising, selection and interviews. Having a clear focus will positively build teams and give you greater control of understanding and utilising your employees skills for more effective and efficient results.

Our coaching program is a brilliant way to provide you with quick and effective results immediately and as you get to keep copies of our eBooks, tools and templates for an introductory price of $1695 plus GST, you can’t argue the cost!

You can purchase this program by clicking on the link ########### and one of our consultants will be in touch to make an appointment.

You can also email our consultants at for more information.