Payroll Outsourcing

Let Scene Group can take the hassle out of your Payroll! Through freeing up your time so you can focus on other important aspects of the business, outsourcing your payroll doesn’t only save you time, money and headaches, it also eliminates technology problems and keeps you up to date with all legislative requirements. Our benefits include:s

1. Free up time to focus on other things

Outsourcing your payroll allows your business to free up time to focus on other important aspects of the business. It can be a time consuming and monotonous task, that lowers productivity. Often payroll is the number one task for companies to outsource.

2. Reduce Costs

You can spend thousands every year on direct labour costs alone to perform payroll tasks. A professional provider will work out cheaper than employing a dedicated payroll employee. The cost of systems to run payroll can also be a costly exercise with updates and costly maintenance fees.

3. Expertise From Outside

With regular changes to government forms, legislation and withholding rates, it can be difficult for a business to keep on top of the latest requirements. Our experts know the current industry requirements and ensure we are always up to date. With the use of fast and accurate software, along with sound experience it will reduce time spent on your payroll.

4. Avoid ATO Penalties

If you choose to do payroll in-house, any errors can result in penalties from the Taxation Office. Having a professional firm undertake payroll for you will ensure accurate reporting and no costly fines from the Australian Taxation Office.

5. Eliminate Technology Problems

Our experts use the latest payroll software, and will have the most relevant and recent tax tables installed.. You can save yourself the headaches of installing payroll software yourself and having to perform time consuming regular updates and of course general issues that can come with technology.

6. Avoid Payroll Knowledge Leaving You

An employee doing your payroll can be a risk when leaving your organization. All payroll and intellectual knowledge goes with them. Outsourcing means you eliminate the worry of losing your valuable asset.

We can manage everything relating to your payroll including;

  • Process your payroll
  • Pay wages via EFT
  • Produce electronic pay reports and pay envelopes which can be emailed
  • Provide Gross Salaries and PAYG figures for your BAS
  • Provide you with a detailed summary report on wage costs
  • Manage Employee Payroll Records
  • Leave Management
  • Manage staff payroll enquiries
  • Data Entry of time sheets or provide electronic time sheets
  • Award interpretation and advice
  • Manage superannuation
  • Prepare your Payment Summaries (Group Certificates) and PAYG Tax Reconciliation
  • Maintain employee Annual Leave and Personal Leave records.
  • Answer employee pay queries
  • Provide advice on wage costs and legislative changes
  • Complete Employee Separation Certificates
  • Handle all other pay related matters on your behalf

You can also email our consultants at for more information.