Scene Group offers an extensive portfolio of products and services surrounding your Human Resource and Recruitment areas. Not only are we expert consultants in end to end recruitment for businesses of all sizes, we also offer a range of Consulting and Coaching Services partnering together and empowering you to optimise your own results.

We work with a consultative approach finding the best outcomes are made through true partnerships. Our programs are designed to improve your existing  processes or we can work with you to completely recreate more effective, easy to follow solutions. Our coaching solutions are not a fixed approach as we understand each business is unique, however they offer a useful guide for anyone to follow for optimal results every time.

Most Popular Coaching Solutions for Hiring Managers

  • The Entire Scene on Interviews for Hiring Managers;
    • One on one coaching for hiring managers
    • A DIY guide to successful interviews every time
    • Comprehensive list of effective interview questions plus templates
  • The Entire Scene on Position Descriptions;
    • One on one coaching/consulting for hiring mangers
    • A comprehensive overview of what should be included plus templates
  • The Entire Scene on Advertising
    • One on one coaching for hiring managers
    • Optimising your advertisement plus templates
    • Understanding your legal obligations

What do I get and how much does it cost?

Each category;
3 hour Coaching/Consulting Sessions plus free eBook and templates  $895*

All inclusive;
3 x 3 hour Coaching/Consulting Sessions plus free eBooks and templates $1695*

Just want the eBook or templates? You can download eBooks from $99 each and template from $49

* GST Applicable

Please email one of our consultants at for more information.